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Cromhall Parish Council

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Next event

Wednesday 12th July 2017

7.30pm: Cromhall Parish Council meeting
Cromhall Village Hall

All residents are welcome to attend Cromhall Parish Council meetings which are held in the village hall the second Wednesday of each month.

The agenda is published on the village notice board and on the Cromhall.com Parish Council web page so you can see the issues being discussed.


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How to contact your Parish Council

For all enquiries, please contact the Clerk, Daphne Dunning.

You can email her at or write to 25 Parkfield Rank, Pucklechurch BS16 9NR.

Latest News:

Cromhall Parish Council Accounts

The 2016-17 Parish Council accounts and other documents, including the exercise of public rights notice are now available to view here.

Cromhall Parish Council Monthly Report for March 2017

Speed Limit & Vehicle speeds through the Village

The Parish Council has allocated a budget provision for white 5 bar gates on either side of the road on the verges at the entry to the village. We hope these will remind drivers they are entering an area where pedestrians may be present, so compliance with speed limits are mandatory.

Subject to appropriate approval, it is anticipated this work will take place this next financial year and we are confident that, based on evidence from other villages, vehicle speeds will reduce.

Neighbourhood Plan

The next steps in the process are to formally register our intention to develop a Neighbourhood Plan, develop a budget to fund the process, understand the legal obligations, capture professional advice and form a core steering group of residents who can liaise with the wider community.

We have several willing volunteers but to ensure we can distribute the work load, more volunteers would be welcomed. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you can offer support no matter how limited that might be.

We are aware that further developers are scouting the area looking for sites as there has been a serious approach in a neighbouring village like ours to build a further 45 new homes. It is only a matter of time before we are next, so establishing a Neighbourhood Plan is essential for our community to have a say in what is built and where.

Joint Spatial Plan

The parish Council has written to Highways England with concerns about the detrimental impact on the M5 junction 14 of all the future development proposed in the surrounding villages on this already congested area at peak times as it appears they dropped any concerns about overloading.

We have received a very open response but at least we have formalised our concerns about the impact on existing infrastructure as the result of cumulative effect of all the developments in the surrounding villages as this issue is very much lost as individual developments seek planning consent. We will strive to ensure our voice is heard in this area.

Planning Issues

There have been instances of unapproved developments taking place in the parish recently and the Parish Council has resolved with South Gloucestershire Council that all developments must comply with the legal planning guidelines by all members of the community without exception. This is to ensure the preservation of the local environment for the enjoyment of all is not compromised.

Hawkers Knapp

Some of you who walk in Knapp Lane will be aware of the new nature area which has been planted by Councillors Roland Hobbs and Steve Aston and we thank them for their hard work in this area. We have approved an additional small spend this month for some bird nesting boxes from our allocated budget to help improve the experience of this small nature enclave for the enjoyment of all as spring approaches.

Cromhall Parish Council meet in the village hall the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm and the agenda is published on the village notice board and soon on this web page. Public participation is always welcomed. Please look out for details of the Annual Parish Assembly meeting in April 2017.

Keith White Chairman Cromhall Parish Council

Cromhall Parish Council Accounts

The Parish Council's accounts and other financial documents are available to view here.

South Gloucestershire Council Contacts

Click here to download a leaflet containing useful information and contacts from South Gloucestershire Council.


Although the Cowship Lane cabinet has now been upgraded to fibre, there are still a large number of properties in the Parish that do not have access to satisfactory broadband.

To assist the Cromhall Parish Council in raising this with South Gloucestershire Council, a survey is being conducted of actual internet speeds. If you have not yet been asked for information and are willing to provide it online, then please go to the broadband survey page.

About Cromhall Parish Council

The Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month, except in December, in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Anyone is welcome to attend meetings, but may only speak when invited to do so.

Anyone can propose items for the agenda by informing the clerk of that proposal at least eight days before the meeting so that due notice can be given.

December is the month when Council sets the budget for the following year and is not a public meeting.

If any group/organisation would like to apply for a grant, please make your intention known before December so it can be considered in the budget.

Cromhall Poor's Allotment Charity

This Charity was set up in 1973 with the objective being to relieve, either generally or individually, persons resident in the Parish of Cromhall who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

The charity owns land at Heathend, which gives it its income through annual rents, and is administered by four trustees all resident within Cromhall. The trustees are appointed by the Parish Council every four years.

The trustees can help (and would welcome applications from) anyone genuinely in need of assistance and residents can apply for this help directly or through a third party, at any time through the year.

These days “those in need” are not so easy to identify, so for many years now, the trustees have distributed the income at Christmas time, in the form of a gift voucher to be used in the village shop. (Years ago, coal, electricity stamps and other gifts were distributed.)

Recipients of the gift are Cromhall residents over the age of retirement and who have lived in the village for five years or more. Where a couple live together, only one gift is given per household.

The trustees consider who should receive the gift at its autumn meeting, but it is very difficult to know who is eligible each year. If you have never received the gift in the past and feel you should, please make the trustees aware of this as soon as possible.

Lastly, the trustees are always mindful of their original purpose, and so if there is anyone in the parish, of any age, in real need or hardship please do approach the charity for help. Any such request will be considered sympathetically and in confidence by the trustees.

If you would like further information please contact any of the trustees or Secreatary Sue Wray on or 294387, or leave a note for Sue in Cromhall Village Shop.

Footpath Warden

If you have any queries about footpaths in and around Cromhall, please direct them to our Footpath Warden Steve Aston. You can phone Steve on 01454 299969 or email him on

Forthcoming events

Wednesday 12th July 2017

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